Post # 1 on TupperCooks2!

Well, motivated by my blogging friends Dr. Fugawe and Sasa, I’ve finally moved to WordPress from Blogger.
I’d been on Blogger with Tupper Cooks for almost 3 years.
Blogger is where I cut my teeth entering this crazy world in cyberspace.
Blogger is user-friendly and had I not run out of space for images I’d still be there being the lazy-ass I am.
That said, the good Dr. Fugawe has been hounding me forever to switch platforms, so Doc here we go on a new ride!
I will admit WordPress is a bit overwhelming at first, but I’m getting used to it.
And Sasa, after checking out your new blog, I was inspired to get started today!
While Tupper Cooks originally started out as a food related thing it evolved into more of whatever I felt like posting about.
TupperCooks2 will still have an emphasis on all things food, but I’ll probably expand a bit more into any mainstream or offbeat topic that inspires me to write.
So begins TupperCooks2 on 12/12/12.
How cool is that?

Red, the Official Blog Dog of TupperCooks2!

  1. Yo amigo! Beautiful. Think of it as a move from college ball to the pros! First thing they do is hand you the playbook – yup, it’s a challenge, but it’s also the essence of professionalism.

    Welcome to the big leagues, dude.

    • Thanks Doc! I’ve got a long way to go, the learning curve is going to be a bit slower here than on blogger. How the hell do I change the font size in the post?

      • A very cogent question, my friend – it is good that you understand, early on, that WordPress is not around to provide a deep pot of never-ending goodies to bloggers for free – it actually is a good resource for those who are trying, with minimal effort, to create their own website – if they use WordPress for this, WP stands to profit a bit from the assistance they provide – and they save the person looking to start a website a goodly amount of time and effort – at minimal cost – to get that start. From that perspective, WP sees the free blogging stuff it gives out as an enticement to use them when you decide to create your own website.

        And one of the ways they don’t give away everything in the process of enticing you is to do things like limiting some of the things that you might use to make your site super special, like some sexy fonts. Now, having said that, some themes in WP allow more use of font choices than do others. Go to the bottom of this page and click on Blogum – you should find out the answer on the page it sends you to. If like my theme, Blogum only gives you one basic font, you are always given a few more on the ‘Add New Post’ page (go to top upper left of your blog page, move your cursor over ‘TupperCooks2’, and then move it down over ‘New’ and then ‘Post’ – click on ‘Post’ to get to the ‘Add New Post’ page. (You may know all this already, but in case you don’t, … )

        Now, once you’re on the Add New Post page, make sure you’re on the Visual tab (not the Text tab) – Visual is a wysiwyg editor (in case you forgot, that’s What You See Is What You Get – kind of self explanatory.) The text tab gives you an html editor, with all that computer code shit – I don’t think you want that.

        OK, if that’s where you are, you’ll see a blue band across the top of the space in which you’ll be typing – it contains two rows tool icons – at the far left, 2nd row, there’s something labeled Paragraph – if you click on that you’ll see a list of different types of fonts – each one is an example of the look you’ll get if you choose that one. I’m not really experienced with all those, mostly because I’ve had some strange results trying to use them – but if you want to change your font, play with those for a bit and see what happens. On the same row, just a little to the right is a big A with a bar underneath – that’s the tool for choosing your text color.

        Hey, WordPress is not without some strange behavior sometimes – that’s what we didn’t tell you. But even with all its quirks, it’ll still do a hell of a lot more than Blogger ever thought of doing! And if you would like a few suggestions about how to keep those photos from filling up your space too quickly, just ask
        (I’ve been blogging since 2008 and I’m still only at 15% of my allowed free space).

  2. Doc, I’m only getting one toolbar and no font options.

    • No worries, figured out the toolbar/font thing-had to hit the kitchen sink button!

    • You got it! Have fun.
      Have you checked out the really good Help section yet? Access at top right of your page, under your name – the available support stuff in WordPress is one of the best elements.

      • Getting there Doc!

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