Ran across a couple of bacon related holiday themed items in cyberspace today and thought I’d share, because that’s the kind of guy I am…..

First the Bacon Yule Log.

When I was a kid I’d always watch the Yule Log on WPIX, Channel 11 on Christmas Eve. This looks even better!

In the lunch room today somehow we were discussing food, which is unusual, usually it’s World politics or Neuroscience, but I digress, today we were talking food.
Somewhere in the discussion Amy A. asked if we’d ever had bacon wrapped crackers, and to her surprise, we all said no.  When she described the process of making/baking them I had my typical Pavlovian response and had to look them up. Here’s the Pioneer Woman’s recipe (cue up Pavlov’s bell).

And Holiday Bacon Wrapped Cracker Apps (That’s apps as in appetizers, not Ipod Apps for all you kids out there)



  1. Ha! Love it, and bacon. I’ve never had those cracker things (hey, where was I back when they were supposed to be so hot???) – but I sure do remember the bacon wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates – I can’t believe the crackers are better than the dates!

    • Doc, I never saw them either, not sure how they got by me! Dates sound darn good too.

  2. carrie said:

    nice! I have had the bacon cracker thingies and they are addictive. I am actaully making the dates for a party tomorrow night…yay for bacon!

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