Cooler Challenge for 1/4-1/13/13 Pizza!

The latest challenge we’ve had in the Cooler was pizza.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Cooler, it’s a FB group comprised of folks that like to eat.

On a semi-regular basis we have a challenge where said folks can take the theme and run with it. The only rule is to have fun.

It’s a great opportunity for the new and experienced bakers to experiment and share.

The pizzas below display the talent of the home pizza maker, and man there are some outstanding pies.

If you have any questions about any of the pies leave a comment and I’ll get the answer!

Without further ado, here they are.

amy klein2

Amy Klein Detroit Style, above and below.

AMy Klein Detroit Style

Rose Strong, above and below.

rose strong2

heather ryan 1Heather Ryan

sheryl wolter1Sheryl Wolter

judy k dawson2Judy K. Dawson

norma knepp

Norma Knepp above and below.

norma knepp2

norma knepp detroitNorma Knepp’s Authentic Detroit Style Pizza. Norma’s got it goin on!

suzanne b snyderSuzanne. B. Snyder

meYours truly.

katie mireKate Mire

brooke brickman cheeselessBrooke Brickman Cheeseless

traci bumpTraci Bump

sharyl wolterSharyl Wolter #2

lauri polunsky sliced eggplant, purged with salt, broiled and topped with sauce, pepperoni and cheese.Lauri Polunsky-sliced-eggplant-purged-with-salt-broiled-and-topped-with-sauce-pepperoni-and-cheese.

mauritta ploofMaurita Ploof

dmc 1Dave Cavanagh

tslamb2T.s. Lamb

sharyl wolter2Sharyl Wolter

mary mistretta polovinukMary Mistretta Polovinuk

d horst stuffed turtle pieDiana Horst Stuffed Pizza-Isn’t he cute!

casey fisherCasey Fisher

steven j perrySteven J. Perry

steven j perry 2Steven J. Perry 2

AML 1Detroit Style we made at Jack and Anne Marie’s Friday night


And that wraps it up, quite a collection of pizza, I’d do ’em all!

Next weeks challenge-Babka!

  1. dmcavanagh said:

    Very nice line up, some good eats there, and a great job from Tupper putting it all together.

  2. Traci Bump said:

    This is AWESOME! Thank you.

  3. 2 questions: Do they have pizza on your school menu every day? Do you ever get anything else at lunch, if they do? Oh yeah, one more question – do the kids in your class ever get tired of talking about pizza?

    • Hey Doc! For #1, unfortunately not. Well, that’s not a bad thing because when they do have it, it’s not very good. I rarely eat the school lunches here, because quite frankly, they suck. For question 3, nah, kids love talking pizza!

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