Cooler Challenge 1/14-1/21, Babka……

This past weeks Cooler Challenge was Babka.

Babka has strong Eastern European roots, and there are a lot of variations.

In Polish it translates to Grandmother, and is traditionally an Easter bread.

It’s sweet, and as such can contain dried fruits, chocolate, cinnamon, or many other ingredients.

Below are some fabulous pics from the Cooler crowd.


Here’s Anne Marie’s dough with lots of chocolate!


Anne Marie’s fished loaf.


Crumb shot from Anne Marie.  I was the recipient of a slice and I can attest that it was outstanding.

sheyrl Wolter1

Sheryl Wolter finished loaf.

sheryl Wolter 2

Sheryl Wolter crumb!  Layers of yum!

jill astmann2

Jill Astmann braid. How cool is that?  That is art!

jill astmannbabka

Jill’s finished loaf. Love it.

brooke brickman1

Brooke Brickman ,Savoury babka with onion, pepper and smoked sausage filling — baked and sliced!

renne vom meechow

Renee Von Meechow. Sweet!


DM Cavanagh. 3 loaves at once! DM used  Here’s what he had to say-“These were a real “challenge”, a lot of effort when into them along with over 2 pounds of chocolate, 5 sticks of butter, 5 eggs, 2 cups of sugar and a struggle with my food processor.”

dm crumb

DM Cav’s crumb shot. Yes, yes….

casey fisher1

Casey Fisher, fruitilicious!

And if you’ve never seen this, it’ll make you giggle…..

That concludes this weeks edition of The Cooler Challenge, stay tuned to see what happens next week!

  1. Cityminx said:

    this was so much fun! thanks for responding to my nagging 😉 can’t wait to do it again!

  2. A diabetic’s delight! Delicious pics too. Where’s yours?

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