Cooler Challenge 1/21-1/27. Profiteroles….

This week it was profiteroles,  Wicked looking dessert cream puff style edible yummies.

Not a lot of takers, but those that did, my god, I’d pay right now to have a half dozen of each!

Up first! Woo Brower!

Seriously, if that pic doesn’t make your saliva glands go gaga, you need to see the Doc!

woo brower


Casey Fisher. The drizzled chocolate alone makes me want to scream, “I’ll have two!”

casey fisher 2

Here’s a pan that Casey Fisher made!  Send some here please!

casey fisher profit


 Kel Hinkle in her own words- “Ugliest profiteroles on the planet made into the most amazing profiteroles on the planet. How, you ask? By filling them with Nutella mousse! =)”kel hinkle

Finally, Sheryl Wolter, who makes ’em like my mom used too. Those were the days!

In her words, “Lemon curd profiteroles! Yummy.”

sheryl wolter  profit

And that concludes this weeks Cooler Challenge. Thanks for playing and see you next week!

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  1. I had some in a restaurant in Portland a few years ago that were made with foie gras – changed my life forever!

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