Cooler Challenge-Chili!

This weeks Cooler Challenge was Chili, no restrictions…

….and there were some great submissions!

With no particular order in mind, here they are!


Well, there was an order of sorts, this Is Nancie’s chili we made on Saturday. Good stuff! E-mail me for the recipe!

mary walter mokowski chili

Mary Wolter Makowski……


Woo Brower…..

steven j perry chili

Steven J. Perry.

Lauri Polunskychili

Lauri Polunsky.

Brooke Brickman chili

My favorite pic of the week. Brooke Brickman!

NormaKnepp chili

Norma Knepp, who makes the best pizza this side of the Rockies!

Aaronn Bretveldchili

Aaronn Bretfeld.


Linda Mire.

traci bump 5

Traci Bump.

Sherri Medley

Sherri Medley.

Katy O'Donavon Peterson

Katy O’Donavon

Madelyn Rodriguez veggie

Madelyn Rodriguez veggie chili!

That’s a wrap!

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