Skillet Pan Pizza…

In my never ending quest to find the perfect pizza, this weeks project was skillet pan pizza, made in my cast iron Lodge pan.

After reading Kenji’s Post on Slice, I knew it was a must do. Check out his pan pizza here.

So here we go.

Start off with a pan, which I lightly oiled.


Now, notice the ridges in my pan, this isn’t a flat bottomed skillet, but more of a griddle. Would it make a difference?

After placing the dough in the pan, which I had rolled out to ensure even thickness, I put on sauce, shredded mozz, shredded sharp cheddar, and some pepperoni, another layer of sauce, then more cheese on top.



Preheated the oven to 475, and before I put the pan in, I heated the skillet on a big burner for 3 mins.

Then it was into the oven for about 12 mins.


Came out like this.


And on the peel for the  money shot.

And some slices, sloppy cutting, but tasty morsels!


Turns out the ridges had no effect other than to make the crust ridgy. I wish I’d have take a pic, because it was kind of funny looking. Didn’t hurt it though.

If you’re a pizza head and have never made this type of pie, I’d definitely recommend it.

I’ll make it on a regular basis, you get get a nice crisp crust and it’s really filling.

Tupper, out!

  1. adam said:

    Like the Ruffles of pizza, dude. Nice job.

    So you didn’t let it rise in the pan? Did you use the dough recipe from Kenji’s post or your own formulation?

  2. adam said:

    Oh, never mind. I see what you did.

  3. I used my own dough Adam. Just a straight forward yeast, water, flour ala Cavanagh.

  4. dmcavanagh said:

    Nice! I made a lot of thicker “pan” , Sicilian style pies back last spring while following along with some stuff @Norma and @Jimmyg were doing on pizzamaking. After many trials I reached the conclusion that these doughs are best with all purpose flour, and no need for all the oil that some of them call for. You are basically frying it in a pan which already has plenty of oil in it, and the oil in the flour limited the rise and made it too rich. Try it yourself and see that you think.

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