This used to be a food blog…..

but I’ve exhausted that. Now it’s about education and the rape by Corporate America. Here’s my latest thoughts.

The thoughts and ramblings of a 27 year veteran teacher (that’s me.)

Common Core Standards vs. Traditional Teaching (Whatever that is). The river a mile wide and and an inch deep is one of David Colemans mantras against traditional teaching. Too much time spent on too much information I guess. So spend an inordinate amount of time on one subject is his solution. This year, if a 5th grade teacher followed the NY Envisions webisite and got sucked into their modules, it was 2 or 3 months on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yup, 5th grade. My two colleagues who are rookies, had to buy in, me with 27 years said let’s wait and see. Thank God for tenure. They both did a great job with the modules, but at what expense? We teach ELA and math and that’s about it. Pure history about the U.S. is thrown aside and science as experimentation never happens. It’s all about the F’in test.
That’s all I hear. It makes me sick. Kids deserve better. I could go in to the number of days I spend assessing and then correcting, but that’s another post for another day, leave it at 13 days last year.

  1. That is sad. Too bad they don’t get what we did in school before priorities got turned upside down.

  2. My email sig is, ‘We are a nation of fools’, and it gets truer every day. The pendulum swings and carries us along with it, and things will probably get worse before they start to get better. But I hope you don’t let it drag you into the doldrums of depression, amigo – work within the system to effect change and stir things up – that’s a good way to keep a positive attitude. Yeah, this blog is a good vehicle to do some of that, just keep it positive.

    Now about the food stuff – I’m really sorry to hear that we’re not going to hear from you about those things you love to eat! That’s a bit sad. I really enjoyed your often fresh and enthusiastic reports, especially when you were reporting on some of the same things I love myself. Don’t give it all up – use it now and then as a way out of the muck and mire, and to remind yourself that there are things of joy and beauty in the world – stuff we are in control of, and stuff that’s tastes good too.

    Keep it real, dude – and keep talking to us.

  3. Hey Doc, don’t fret, I’m just diversifying! There’ll still be food, after all it is Tupper Cooks!

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