Monthly Archives: May 2013

I’ve been a lazy-ass blogger lately, but really, who cares, right?

That’s the beauty of being the boss of your own blog. No deadlines, no pressure, no problems.

Of course there’s no pay either, but that’s a minor detail…..

Anyways, I have been active in the kitchen. I love surfing and finding recipes in cyberspace and here’s a couple from the last 2 days.

A couple of easy recipes……


The only thing I added to the recipe was garlic, chopped, like 8 or 9 cloves!

I used Barilla oven ready lasagna noodles and I was happy with the outcome.  I have to admit it’s better the next day reheated.

And Chocolate Chip Bread for the folks at work.

The only tweak I made was adding cocoa powder to make it more chocolaty.

Folks at work were happy, and that makes me happy……

Stay Hungry My Friends!